Johannes Siebert

Johannes Siebert habilitated in Behavioral OR and Decision Making at the University of Bayreuth and is Professor at the Management Center Innsbruck for Supply Chain Management. He is Board Member of the Section on Multicriteria Decision Making (INFORMS), Member of the Executive Committee of the International Society on MCDM, Member of the Coordinating Board of the European Working Group of Behavioral Operations Research, and in the Editorial Board of the INFORMS journal Decision Analysis. He has published papers in journals such as Operations Research (A+) and European Journal of Operational Research (A). His research objective is to contribute to better informed decision making and thereby to making better decisions, for individuals as well as for organization using problem structuring, value-focused thinking, and decision analysis. He also works as a business consultant, for example, he identified and structured the strategic objectives for a huge European energy provider after Germany decided to fade out nuclear energy or he identified and structured the objectives for the California Ministry of Transportation when allocating a 12 billion budget for maintenance of highways and bridges in California. He was acknowledged as finalist in the practice award of the Decision Analysis Society (INFORMS) twice. Overall, he raised more than 500.000 Euro third-party funding. Recently, he received a grant to create and carry out courses on decision making for high school students who have to decide what to do after school.