10.05.2019 | 09.00 - 21.00 Uhr Weiteres in der Werkstätte



The unconference format creates space for learning, collaboration and creativity. It is not a typical conference with a pre-fixed agenda. Instead participants will gather and, in a guided process, jointly co-create a whole day agenda with multiple parallel sessions on broad engineering topics. All proposed sessions are welcome and none will be shoved off - the crowd will decide which sessions have priority, setting up a whole day conference line up.


We will focus on different engineering topics, the most relevant ones are: AI & ML, functional programming, server architectures, cloud services, web development (FE/BE). Above all, the uncodeference has a web development background and it will continue having web technologies as core topic.


The uncodeference is attracting 80 international engineers of different levels and backgrounds. We offer participants not only a high-quality set of sessions, but also a highly effective networking opportunity in Tyrol, since it is the only existing conference with this distinctive participatory style & a high number of attendees. Last year participants came from Germany, Spain, Hungary and Brazil as well as from different Austrian regions, such as Vienna, Upper Austria and Vorarlberg.