As a creative breeding ground and promoter of growth for innovative ideas, Werkstätte Wattens attracts businesses and projects of all stripes. Our open working community already features a broad spectrum of various disciplines. Our ever-expanding group continues to flourish and incorporate new and interesting partners. The following currently call us home:


ANavS has three lines of business:

  • precise positioning systems
  • precise mapping systems
  • and snow monitoring systems.

The core of the ANavS positioning systems is a modular and flexibly configurable sensor fusion of GNSS, inertial, odometry, UWB, camera and Lidar measurements. The innovative positioning algorithms were developed and patented by ANavS and include newest RTK/ PPP and AI methods.

The main products of ANavS are the Multi-Sensor RTK module, the RTCM base station, and the Integrated Sensor Platform (ISP) with 3 integrated GNSS receivers, an IMU, a wheel odometry interface, 2 cameras, a 3D Lidar, an LTE module for the reception of RTK corrections, and a processor for the sensor fusion.

The ANavS products enable Autonomous Driving and have a large range of applications including the automotive, robotics, automation, maritime, railway, aerospace, agriculture and mining industries.

Areas of activity: Artificial Intelligence, Mobility & Traffic Solutions

Bureau Neubau

Making a contribution and improving communication between businesses, brands and the public is the goal of the Bureau Neubau advertising agency. With a focus on design and communication, the office stays true to two guiding principles: Astonishing creativity and aesthetic quality. EINUNDSECHZIG (61), a local magazine for Wattens and environs, has proven to be an impressive credential for the agency’s unique approach.

Areas of activity: Tourism & Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Community & Network, Design, Branding, Communication, Lifestyle, Journalism, Online Marketing, Marketing, Digitization, Sports, Architecture, Music, Culture, Arts


CAMPPA Smart Parking Systems GmbH uses digital parking columns to turn unused land into parking spaces, enabling property owners to earn money from vacant land without red tape.

Currently, the company focuses mainly on farmers and winegrowers, but is also in talks with municipalities and private companies. CAMPPA Smart Parking Systems GmbH was founded in early 2020 by Wolfgang Spieler and Christian Keck.

Areas of activity: Tech, Mobility & Traffic Solutions

Carbon Competence

CarbonCompetence GmbH produces unique nano-technology diamond coatings, which are used for abrasion protection, tribology, implant technology and sensors. Each application is tailored to the specific needs of customers. Diamond 4.0 industry systems ensure integration into a customer’s existing manufacturing process chain. In addition to continuous support and updates, mutual development projects are an included service.

Areas of activity: Tech, Hardware, Robotic

Christian Vorhofer Photography

Photographer Christian Vorhofer insists on precision, expressiveness and highest quality. Meticulous, exact and creative techniques are of central importance, especially when it comes to photography applications for industry, architecture and advertising. Christian relies on unusual light constellations to precisely feature reference projects from the fields of industry and architecture. Having spent years working in a technical field, he knows the needs of industry first hand.

Areas of activity: Design, Branding, Communication, Online Marketing, Marketing, Travel, Photography, Sports, Architecture, Culture, Arts, Industrial Design, Mobility & Traffic Solutions, Movie Production

Destination Wattens

Destination Wattens Regionalentwicklung GmbH (entity for regional development) is a public-private partnership (PPP) between the Wattens municipality (40%) and D. Swarovski KG (60%). Their combined mission is to ensure the sustainable growth of the regional economy. This includes ensuring the creation of new jobs by encouraging businesses to settle long-term, regardless of their current stage of development. Werkstätte Wattens, an international founders- and start-up centre, is one of the main initiatives supported by Destination Wattens Regionalentwicklung GmbH.

Areas of activity: Mobility & Traffic Solutions, Lifestyle, Community & Network, Culture, Communication, Arts, Architecture, Digitization, Marketing, E-Mobility

Empatic UX

Users are Empatic’s team prime concern. Through testing days or design sprints, they create spaces for companies and users to meet and gather new insights. They provide advice for small and large companies regarding user guidance and support them in designing and executing a thorough UX-strategy - from the first ideas to the launch.

Areas of activity: Consulting, Design, Branding, Communication, Lifestyle, User Experience, UX Design, User Testing, Online Marketing, Marketing, Digitization, Tech

Empower Brands

Empower Brands is a performance marketing agency specializing in eCommerce, combining Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest advertising, conversion rate optimization, building funnels and maximizing customer lifetime value.

Areas of activity: Marketing, Online Marketing, Consulting

Fraunhofer Austria Research

At the innovation centre »Digitale Transformation der Industrie (Digital Industrial Transformation)« in Tyrol, Fraunhofer scientists and partners from industrial enterprises, universities and research institutes examine digitalisation across the entire value chain, studying future-oriented and pioneering topics from the »Smart Industry« area.

Areas of activity: Consulting


Gronda connects employees and businesses from the gastronomy and hotel industries. Their goal is to create a network in which gastronomy specialists can find the right employees or jobs, and share inspiration and knowledge with one another.

Areas of activity: Communication, Community & Network, Food & Beverage, Digitization, Tourism & Hospitality, Software Engeneering, Software Development


HyDepot has developed a patented system for the energy-efficient and location-independent storage of hydrogen. Since this system is also characterised by a very high storage density and the low cost of the storage medium, it represents a key technical solution for the local large-scale storage of “green” energy, which will be of central importance in a future regional and international energy system built on fluctuating photovoltaic and wind power.

Areas of activity: Tech, Energy, Plant-Engineering

Micro Guided Systems

iSYS Medizintechnik GmbH / Micro Guided Systems GmbH specialises in the development, production and sales of computer-aided robot systems and highly precise micromanipulation technologies during image guided interventions.

Areas of activity: Hardware, Pharma Industry, Tech, Medtech, Robotic


kiweno is an innovative health company that specialises in simple access to laboratory diagnoses for patients who want to test themselves for food or other intolerances as well as biomarker profiles. kiweno provides easy access to important laboratory tests and gives people responsibility for their own personal health.

Areas of activity: Community & Network, Consulting, Food & Beverage, Lifestyle, Medtech, Pharma Industry, Nutrition, Health

Monkee - Simply Saving!

Monkee has the mission to help people to improve their financial health. The Monkee app combines behavioral design, gamification and machine learning to support people to save more money for their future.

Areas of activity: Communication, Lifestyle, Software Engeneering, Software Development, Digitization, Artificial Intelligence, Tech


As an innovative cloud and infrastructure provider as well as IT security expert, NOBUGS IT offers modern IT solutions that make working as easy and secure as possible - without compromising quality.

Areas of activity: Communication, Digitization

NORKA Lighting GmbH

Norka Lighting GmbH is known as a solution provider for technical lighting under difficult environmental conditions.

The complete worldwide export business of the German family-owned company as well as the special area of road tunnels is managed from Wattens.

Areas of activity: Hardware, Tech

Olivia Cake Designs

Olivia designs and bakes delicious products for most any occasion. Olivia’s cupcakes and deserts are artistic masterpieces manufactured with the utmost skill and attention to detail.

Areas of activity: Food & Beverage, Lifestyle

Paul & Ernst

Paul & ernst is a young company which is dedicated to designing and developing mobile gastronomy solutions. The austrian newcomers bring fresh breeze to the streets. The mobile food bikes combine design with technical precision and set new standards by integrating fine catering components. Paul & ernst’s product portfolio offers almost unlimited possibilities for the smart mobile caterers of tomorrow. Their bikes also offer an unique point of sale for both marketing agencies and ice cream parlours. Their vast array of the bikes can be individually designed and equipped with numerous add-ons.

Areas of activity: Branding, Communication, Food & Beverage, Hardware, Lifestyle, Mobility & Traffic Solutions, Tourism & Hospitality

Phoenix Cryo Therapeutics GmbH

The company is improving medical care for gunshot wounds, with an innovative product that is easy to use, fast-acting and much gentler than existing procedures. The product will also contribute to better care for bleeding injuries in other areas, leading to improvements in emergency medicine worldwide. Life Bridge is a highly engineered product, with a drug-coated balloon, a Pine Tree surface and revolutionary drug delivery technology.

Phoenix Cryo Therapeutics collaborates with renowned partners in the course of research and development like the ACMIT (Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology).


The philosophy of RAUM 15 is to redefine communication and use fresh ideas to ensure that messages get across.


  • Public Relations
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Graphics & Design

Areas of activity: Communication, Consulting, Marketing, Online Marketing, Digitization


REPS stands for Road Energy Production System and is a revolutionary invention for converting kinetic energy into electricity . The kinetic energyconverted into electricity at every step or by vehicles on roads helps power a wide range of applications .

As a renewable, sustainable energy source, REPS makes an important contribution to the reduction of CO2 for the protection of the earth’s climate, and can therefore become a “game changer” because it is modular and can be used in a variety of ways, thus offering a high degree of scalability even within urban areas.

Areas of activity: Artificial Intelligence, Energy, Mobility & Traffic Solutions


The young toy label SPIELZ develops, produces und markets a wide range of toys which are made from natural and sustainable materials.

Areas of activity: Toys, Hardware


SpikeTime is a modern, web-based time tracking software. The tool was developed with the focus on usability and efficiency while tracking the daily project hours.

Extensive reporting features, an integrated invoicing system from where the tracked timeentries can be invoiced automatically and a digital vacation management are some of the various features.

Areas of activity: Software Development, Tech

These Moments

Minutes pass. Seconds fly. But a moment lasts an eternity. Events created by these moments.

Areas of activity: Food & Beverage, Lifestyle, Tourism & Hospitality


Unbound coffee roaster sells speciality coffee from all around the world, carefully roasted at Werkstätte Wattens. With coffee purchased directly from farmers, Unbound guarantees a true coffee experience that blends great taste with a clear conscience.

Areas of activity: Food & Beverage, Lifestyle, Tourism & Hospitality


UriSalt GmbH]( has an innovative technology platform based on handheld digital devices in combination with disposable sensory test strips that enables non-invasive screening and (self-) monitoring of electrolyte balance using simple urinalysis.

Electrolyte imbalances are the cause and symptom of numerous diseases affecting billions of people worldwide.

Areas of activity: Medtech


Progressive search engine optimisation & competitive media design.

Areas of activity: Consulting, Digitization, Online Marketing, Software Development, Software Engeneering, Tech


WEBSO ensures that clients make the most of the internet by implementing effective online marketing strategies. WEBSO supports clients in attracting new customers, promoting sales, enhancing their online presence, communicating information, retaining customers and cultivating brand image. Customers receive competent advice from the early stages of an idea to the implementation of a full-fledged concept. Intensive aftercare is an important component of overall project success.

Areas of activity: Software Engeneering, Software Development, Web Development, Online Marketing