Since February 2020 our fablab has the possibility of “3D printing of metal”. Using selective laser melting - an additive manufacturing process - complex metal geometries (freedom of geometry, near-net-shape) can be realized economically, quickly and cost-effectively, which are difficult or impossible to produce using classic subtractive processes. The mechanical properties are largely identical to those of the base material. Materials include tool steel, aluminium and titanium. The process delivers a high surface quality for the finest component structures. Keywords are e.g. tool-free production, lightweight construction and bionics, prototypes and unique pieces, medical technology and prosthetics, jewellery and design, production on-demand and rapid tooling.

The Mlab Cusing R system in use can be used for processing non-reactive and reactive powder materials. We are happy to support you along the entire engineering chain - from the 3D CAD sketch, component optimization and professional slicing using Materialize software to the finished prototype - but of course also with appropriate training for ambitious innovative self-users.


Manufacturer: Concept Laser (GE)
Type: Mlab cusing R
Building module (W x D x H) 90 x 90 x 80 mm
Inert gas nitrogen or argon, purity min. 2.5 each
Layer thickness 15 - 30 μm
Diode-pumped Yb fiber laser 1 x 100 watts (cw)
2-axis dynamic scanning system
Scanning speed max 7 m / s
Focus diameter 50 μm

316L stainless steel
Stainless 17-4PH stainless steel
Aluminum AlSi10Mg
Titan Ti6Al4V ELI Grade 23 / CPTi Grade 2
Bronze CuSn
Remanium star® CL (CoCrW)
Rematitan® CL (Ti6Al4V ELI)


€ 30 / hour (without metal powder and protective gas)