The PFE 510 is a portal CNC milling machine with three operable axes. Often referred to as a 2.5D machine, two axes can be set to circular interpolation and the third to linear. It can be used for 3D milling, parts cutting and general milled parts.

The machine is controlled with G-Code data, which must be pre-installed on a PC. VCarve software, provided by the manufacturer for this purpose, allows users to create and stimulate tool paths based on draft sketches.

Many materials can be machined with the right tool. We have a select range from the Hufschmied company available at our FabStore.


Manufacturer: BZT
Type: PFE-510

Operating mode: 3-axis CNC milling machine
Working surface: 1000 x 500 mm
Milling spindle: 2.0 kW air-cooled (24,000 rpm)
Precision: 0.025 mm
Materials: Wood, plastic, aluminium
GCODE: “BZT-USB V2” *.nc


Training upon request, free for members.