The David SLS-2 is a 3D Scanner, which employs principles of fringe projection. Variably angled to one another, a projector and a camera are installed on a tripod. The fringe projection pattern is directed at the object and photographed by the camera. A computer uses the pattern of diffraction to calculate the three-dimensional position of the object in space.

Only the picture areas visible to the camera will be used for the scan, necessitating numerous pictures of the object (from various angles) in order to get a complete model. By comparing the scans, the software is capable of automatically merging image parts.

The 3D data can be exported as .obj, .stl, or.ply files.

A single scan can capture objects up to 50 cm wide. Larger objects can be captured with numerous scans and then merged together.

A single scan takes approximately 20 seconds and is therefore not recommended for scanning small children or pets.


Manufacturer: David
Type: SLS-2

Operating mode: Structured Light
Scan size: 60 – 500 mm
Scan duration: Approx. 20 seconds
Dot density 1,200,000 dots per scan
Precision: 0.1% of the scan size (best resolution: 60µm)


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