The Lasercutter Speedy 360 from Trotec processes materials with a CO2 laser. Employing flying optics and a focusing lens, a laser beam with 60W is focused on a 0.01mm² surface. Wood, plastic and cardboard can be cut to a thickness of 10 mm. Many additional materials can be superficially altered in order to provide an engraving.

Ease of use and speed of operation are the big advantages of laser cutters. Vector graphics (.svg, .ai, .dxf,…) that can be opened with the Inkscape software are required. Applications range from nameplates for machines to housing parts to wooden puzzles and toys.

Those looking for inspiration in the field of laser cutters should check out Thingiverse. For 3D models made from cardboard or wood, DXF-World is recommended.

When processing certain materials, poisonous gasses may be emitted. Therefore, an employee must approve materials before processing. The following materials are prohibited: Teflon (hydrofluoric acid), PVC (hydrochloric acid) Kevlar and all materials containing fluoride, chlorine, or chromium. More information is available in the Happylabs Wiki.


Manufacturer: Trotec
Type: Speedy 360

Operating mode: Laser cutter
Working surface: 800 x 500 mm
Material thickness: 10 mm (cutting)
Laser source: 60W CO2 (10.6µm)
Materials: Wood, plastic, cardboard, paper


Training upon request, free for members.