Welcome to our project blog. Here we present select projects, which have been created at the FabLab, regardless of whether they have been successful, funny or simply informative – we’re just proud of all our “babies.”

The projects that are presented here should serve as inspiration and act as visual aids. If available, the manufacturing details will have been shared on Thingiverse or Instructables and can be reproduced and improved upon.

All projects have one thing in common: “Blood, sweat and tears,” as Sir Winston Churchill once said. All this, and the right machines!

FabLab Bootcamp - 2 days 4 machines

How To Make - Platinen


Smart Africa

Pick & Place Robot for € 100,—


What do you need to make your mark here? In addition to personality, ideas, and a few machines from the FabLab, you’ll also need cool snapshots of your project. Just get a hold of us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!