The FabLab captivates with unimagined possibilities - Lasercutter, CNC Mill, Vinyl-Cutter and 3d Printer faciliate a multitude of projects. But what is required to operate this machines?

Digital Data is the base requirement for all the FabLabs machines, regardless if it’s a 3d model or a 2d sketch. The handling of the machines has to be learned at some point. Wheareas a Vinylcutter is quite simple, the complexity increases steadily from Lasercutter to CNC-milling. The easiest way is getting to know them step by step, machine after machine. You could spend months with a mahine like the Lasercutter an still learn something new…

But honestly, who has got the time for this? The idea is here now, why wait? The FabLab Botcamp teaches you in two days everything you need to know to realise your ideas!

Day 1:

The first day focuses on digtal construction. An introduction of the 2d software Inkscape is followed by a swift dive into the world of 3d construciton with Rhino. We`ll let the day fade out with 3d print and testing of our digital prototypes for day to day usability.

Day 2: After construction follows the manufacturing. Lasercutting for beginners so to say, what materials can be machined and how should the files be edited. After lunch comes the supreme discipline - CNC milling. Selection of the right tool, mounting of the same up to the generation of toolpathes will be on the agenda. After this marathon, if one can still handle it, our Vinylcutter will be ready for intensive testing.