To contribute in this crisis Werkstaette Wattens started the initative “FabLab hilft” - FabLab helps. Inspired by Prusa’s shield, we developed our own design based on their work. With this article we want to share our experience with the Community and give everyone the posibility to create their own shield.

You can find the original design by Prusa under the following link. All files for our design, including links to the stores where we bought the raw materials, can be found embedded in this article and again at the end.

Since we are using PLA we had do redesign the 3d Model to add flexibility. We created it with OnShape, the stl file can be found here.

The Lasercut file for the Vivak sheet was created using Inkscap and can be found here.

We can’t thermoform Vivak itself, but we helped ourself with a piece of PMMA to guide the Vivak. The file for the PMMA strip is here. Heat it up to 150°C for 4 minutes and let it cool down in the final form. We used a plywood shape

We used a flexible tube (Amazon) as headband and strips of it as cushioning.

You will need the following length:

4pcs with 8cm

2pcs with 2cm

1pc with 45 to 50cm (that’s the headband itself)

The strips (8cm and 2cm) should be spliced with scissors and glued onto the 3d printed part.

To mount the Vivak shield we used M4x20mm screws. Thread them through the holes and fix your shield and PMMA strip with M4 nuts.

The flexible tube needs to be threaded through the 3d printed loop and back again through the strap.

Where to buy:

Vivak: Architekturbedarf Kropf

PMMA: Trotec

PLA: extrudr

flexible tube: Amazon

Files to Download:

3d printed headpiece: download stl

Vivak shield: download svg

PMMA sheet: download svg

Plywwod form: download svg