“From creative chaos to pitch”: Entrepreneurship Workshop 2.0

Up-Cycling & Digital Fabrication: Innovative product ideas from electronic waste


Our Entrepreneurship Workshop (EWS) is particularly characterized by high effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. Support is provided by an experienced team in an inspiring and innovative atmosphere - Werkstätte Wattens offers a unique interplay of space, technical equipment, expertise, professionalism, flexibility, support and motivating culture in the German-speaking region.

Also, the EWS can optionally be enriched with the following modules (these can also be integrated into a subsequent WS):

  • Pitch training
  • Design thinking, creativity tools
  • Basics of risk management, business administration, business canvas, etc.


WHAT - the goal of the EWS

Showing, experiencing and feeling entrepreneurship qualities like

  • … For implementation - tackle & act independently
  • … About risk - Beyond Process Thinking
  • … For collaboration - communication, collaboration & teaming
  • → BEHAVIOR CHANGE: Learning through experiencing, feeling, failing, exchanging, being successful

WER - Our target groups

The workshop is aimed at employees of all company areas and positions (levelling).

WHY - Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship qualities are not only essential in the area of ​​research and development - in general, but they also promote a holistic, open and innovative way of thinking. Through a constant active search for new opportunities and their practical implementation, they contribute significantly to the efficient further development and optimization of all company areas.

HOW - topic and task

We chose the topic “upcycling” as the starting point to confront and touch the participants with a focus on the current sustainability, health and environmental problems.

In the EWS we combine the task of developing an innovative product with the possibilities of digital manufacturing. We only specify the resources (electronic waste, digital manufacturing options), but not the target industry, the target market or even the product.

The only objective is to meet the expectations of an investor with a functional prototype, a financial plan for 5 years and a plan for series production.

HOW - methodology

  • Motivating, emotionally touching (changing) case
  • Teaming - through the start-up spirit: common goal, focus, responsibility
  • Anchoring through an emotional experience
  • Leveling - the task is the same for everyone, there are no roles (yet) and everyone starts from the same point
  • Info on Demand - Support through targeted adaptive coaching
  • Enabling - through technical know-how and infrastructure
  • Learning together - through failing fast and iterative innovation loops
  • Empowerment & Leadership - shared success by accepting challenges and responsibilities, active listening, presence, and making decisions
  • Act more than talk …
  • Periodic reviews


  • Duration: 1.5 days
  • Participants: max. 15 people
  • Cost: Euro 3,520 (excl. VAT) for the entire team


For individual adjustments to your needs, for queries and booking, please contact:

Dr. Christian Teissl
Head of Center for Rapid Innovation (Fablab)

phone: +43 5224 55486-2
mobile: +43 664 88784467