Design as a motor of sustainable change

We live in a highly challenging world of rapid change and accelerating progress. New societal structures, scarce resources, climate change and exponentially growing digitalization provide totally new opportunities for the art and design of today and tomorrow. Based on an interdisciplinary approach, Designing Future Realities addresses these challenges and encourages participants to find solutions with a lasting positive impact on the development of our society.

In several modules, participants will examine what responsibility art and innovative design can assume in a societal development process. Students develop specific projects that culturally interweave various disciplines such as architecture, fashion, contemporary or applied arts and technology, creating synergy effects. The lectures and workshops will be guided by selected mentors and guest speakers. The programme is open to university students as well as executives from various related fields.


Creative minds from all industries (e.g. architecture, fashion, contemporary or applied arts and technology) with a bachelor’s degree and/or professional experience in the relevant fields.


Start: Autumn 2020 4 Modules

Who’s Designing Future Realities?

Designing Future Realities is a post-graduate programme offered by the University of Innsbruck in cooperation with Destination Wattens.