News in 2022
JOB ALERT | Attention all talented software engineers out there! ANavS GmbH is opening an office at Werkstätte Wattens and is looking for motivated support! continue reading
News in 2020
Bridging Social Distance In a webinar, social media expert Stefanie Trapl gave tips on how to cultivate customer contacts and benefit from social media in times of crisis. continue reading
Limited operation in compliance with the safety measures continue reading
GROWTH CAMP The programme for startups during the growth phase / May - July 2020 continue reading
News in 2019
Internationalization. Why? How? What? At the latest Morning Glory, Gregor Leitner, Head of Außenwirtschaft Tirol, talked about everything you need to know about internationalization. continue reading
UX to take away Last week, the team from Empatic UX gave a morning session on the subject of User Experience Design. continue reading 10 May 2019 | IT DEVELOPERS MET IN WATTENS continue reading
GROWTH CAMP The programme for startups during the growth phase / May - July 2019, Werkstätte Wattens continue reading
#glaubandich-Challenge Tourism @ Werkstätte Wattens 22.2.2019 | A review. continue reading
SMART DECISION MAKING FOR ENTREPRENEURS Why is decision-making one of the most, if not the most important task of any manager? And how can proactive decision-making help to influence what really matters? – an expert interview with Prof. Dr Johannes Siebert. continue reading
Wattens goes "ummadum" Ummadum is a mobility startup located at Werkstätte Wattens. The young company has developed an innovative platform that motivates people to share rides, especially during rush hour. continue reading
News in 2018
Alpine Tech_ Innovation Sprint A new innovation tool for Alpine tourism by Werkstätte Wattens continue reading
IBM - A prominent new member at the international founder and business centre Werkstätte Wattens continue reading