Photo credit: Andreas Friedle
Photo credit: Andreas Friedle

Wattens goes “ummadum”

A pilot project in cooperation with the municipality of Wattens, the district of Schwaz, Swarovski, the Schwaz district hospital, ummadum and Mobilität Wattens – the most recent initiative by Destination Wattens Regional Development Ltd.

Ummadum is a mobility startup located at Werkstätte Wattens. The young company has developed an innovative platform that motivates people to share rides, especially during rush hour.

The ummadum app lets you share and find rides. By sharing rides, you collect Ummadum points. You can use your points at local partner companies for grocery shopping or other purchases.

Municipalities, local businesses and riders all benefit from this innovative idea. In January 2019 the app was launched for a 9-month pilot phase in Wattens. Partners like the municipality of Wattens, Swarovski and Mobilität Wattens are already on board. The app will be further developed and improved through user and partner feedback.

The points required to start using the app can be obtained at Museum Wattens, Innsbrucker Straße 2, and Werkstätte Wattens, Weissstraße 9.


This video (German only) will give you a quick intro to how ummadum works. Ummadum is Tyrolean dialect for “getting around”. Check out the ummadum website to find out more on this cool project.

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