An increase in social media usage and a change in consumer behaviour makes it clear that the corona crisis has changed the behaviour of internet users. Not only has media consumption in your own four walls increased globally, but the shopping experience has also shifted from offline to online touchpoints. In an exciting webinar last week, Stefanie Trapl from the social media agency socialweb gave an insight into how bridges and barriers to (potential) customers can be overcome in times of physical distance and revealed the 1x1 of social media strategy and campaign planning.

One thing is clear: the coronavirus has changed people’s social behaviour. Before the crisis, topics and offers such as dating, insurance, travel or sports determined the discussion, with the crisis offers such as news, social networks, retail and communication increased significantly.

A first study showed, for example, that the use of social media in Germany increased by 32%. At the same time, however, the advertising market on social media channels has also changed: the average CPM has fallen from $ 1,883 to $ 0.810 and the average CPC has also dropped from $ 0.130 to $ 0.090. Why? Quite simply: Reduced ad spendings have increased the organic reach. Companies in the advertising sector thus benefited from more reach at lower costs during the crisis.

In crises like these, companies are faced with the challenge that out-of-home advertising is no longer an effective form of advertising and that they may miss the opportunity to stand out digitally. At the same time, digital shopping experiences offer an opportunity, companies and brands can use digital media, virtual products, e-commerce and social commerce to reach their (potential) customers in a targeted manner.

In order to use social media effectively in times of crisis, it is essential to evaluate which platforms make sense in order to reach the target group (keyword B2B vs. B2C, visual vs. informative and dissemination in the target market) and the associated goals in the best possible way. Furthermore, in a crisis, it is often necessary to check the previously defined personas, because interests can change significantly, particularly in times of crisis. In this context, online events can be a suitable means of staying in contact with the target group, evaluating needs and adapting one’s own offer accordingly.

The 1x1 of the social media strategy:

  • Analyze
  • Set vision and goal (where do we want to go / who do we want to be)
  • Define persona and target group
  • Represent the customer journey
  • Identify touchpoints
  • Define metrics and KPIs to check the achievement of goals
  • Take measures -> and continue to analyze again

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