ANavS has three lines of business:

  • precise positioning systems
  • precise mapping systems
  • snow monitoring systems

The core of the ANavS positioning systems is a modular and flexibly configurable sensor fusion of GNSS, inertial, odometry, UWB, camera and Lidar measurements. The innovative positioning algorithms were developed and patented by ANavS and include newest RTK/ PPP and AI methods.

The main products of ANavS are the Multi-Sensor RTK module, the RTCM base station, and the Integrated Sensor Platform (ISP) with 3 integrated GNSS receivers, an IMU, a wheel odometry interface, 2 cameras, a 3D Lidar, an LTE module for the reception of RTK corrections, and a processor for the sensor fusion.

The ANavS products enable Autonomous Driving and have a large range of applications including the automotive, robotics, automation, maritime, railway, aerospace, agriculture and mining industries.

The following positions are currently open: