The educational program as an essential part of the Innovation Campus located at Werkstätte Wattens plays a central role in the strategic approach of Destination Wattens. The following are the educational mission statement, educational strategy and the goals of the educational activities.

Educational mission statement

The focus of all activities is the expansion of creative design skills and the sustainable ability of the participants and companies to create lasting social benefits. The educational offer supports all participants in developing the courage to implement and enables them to turn ideas into prototypes and consequently into marketable products or other results - always using innovative approaches to product development, new technologies, a systemic entrepreneurial approach and supporting soft skills.

In an overall strategic perspective, participants of the Innovation Campus are supported in developing their skills through a wide range of educational offerings, so that in a next step their ideas and concepts can be used independently and successfully in prototypes or subsequently in products using the innovative infrastructure, technical and methodological requirements, transform services and other results - and in parallel to build up the appropriate network of necessary partners and use cooperations for product implementation and further steps (business model, market-entry, communication, series production, utilization, etc.).

Educational strategy

The educational programme also includes the focus on a

1) creative and
2) practically oriented, technical and
3) entrepreneurial-business part of the programme.

The resulting innovation can drive a dynamic and sustainable development of the regional economic area and actively shape social developments. The focus is on holistic, interdisciplinary approaches for competent and responsible action, digital production as well as innovation-promoting and - if requested - also customized programmes for individuals, startups and established companies.

To offer and further develop the range of education in a practical, excellent and state-of-the-art manner with innovative curricula, the education team at the Innovation Campus works closely with regional, national and international experts from industry, business practice and academia. The highest academic standards, ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement ensure the quality of the educational offer.

The educational offerings of the Innovation Campus are open to the public and are based on the principles of a democratic society and the values ​​formulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (AEMR).

The innovation campus of Werkstätte Wattens has created its team with currently 1.5 positions for setting up and coordinating the educational programme, which is located directly at the ‘Chief Technology Officer’ of Werkstätte Wattens.

Educational goals

Over the next 3 years, courses and formats with a focus on creation, technology and entrepreneurship will be developed and implementation started at the Innovation Campus.